VentureBlocks uses game-based simulation to achieve deep learning.

Missions, levels, and points guide students through the customer development process. They get instant feedback, so they can learn from their mistakes.

Our virtual environment makes the experience feel real.


Our analytics give you superpowers.

As your students play VentureBlocks, you'll get live analytics about their performance. When they're done, we answer 3 things that are often tough to learn about your students:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of my class?
  • Which students are struggling with the material?
  • What have students learned?


More than a simulation

The VentureBlocks Experience

1. Online Simulation

Students start by playing our simulation, in class or for homework. They learn about rejection, customer interviews, insight building, and opportunity identification in a fun way. Forget about reading or case studies, students learn by doing.

2. In-Class Debrief

We provide you with all the tools you need for a powerful debrief in class. You'll get a detailed teaching note, incredible analytics about your students' strengths and weaknesses, including student reflections recorded while playing the simulation.

3. Role Playing Exercise

You can optionally have students experience our role playing exercise that lets them practice everything they learned in the simulation, this time with real conversations to achieve mastery.

Want a personalized walkthrough?

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